Internship Opportunities

The Pennyroyal Center does not have specific openings for Bachelors/Masters program internships.  If you are interested in an internship with us please send your resume and internship requirements to the Human Resources Department at At that time, we will see if there is a professional on staff who can supervise you throughout your internship!

The Pennyroyal Center is a proud partner in The Western Kentucky Psychology Internship Consortium (WKPIC). WKPIC is an APA-Accredited internship designed to prepare doctoral interns in psychology for assuming the role of an independent, innovative, recovery-focused, and competent practicing professional. WKPIC accepts applicants from APA-accredited clinical psychology and counseling psychology programs through the APPIC Internship Matching Program. Interested doctoral students are encouraged to explore WKPIC more thoroughly through the internship’s website at This website also contains information for prospective psychology practicum students, and psychology doctoral students interested in non-traditional internship options.