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Mental Health Services

Individual Therapy

This is available to individuals who are experiencing difficulties and impaired functioning in handling life’s challenges.  You will work one on one with a licensed professional focusing on identified treatment goals.

Group Therapy

Certain issues are better treated in a group setting. Pennyroyal Center offers group therapy for various issues and populations based on need.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services are available to individuals needing an evaluation and monitoring for psychotropic medication.  A referral from your assigned therapist is required to access psychiatric services.  Psychiatric services are provided by psychiatrists and APRN staff.

SMI Case Management

This service is available to adult clients who are identified with a serious mental illness and are in need of additional support, such as accessing medical, social, educational, or other services essential to meet basic human needs, while remaining independent in the community.  A referral from your assigned therapist is required to access this service.


This is service coordination for children who are identified as severely emotionally disabled and need assistance and support in accessing medical, social, educational and/or other services in the community.  IMPACT serves children ages 3-21 and a psychiatric disorder by a behavioral health professional is required.

Child Behavior Specialist

Services provided by our Behavior Specialist for children ages 0 to 5 who are experiencing behavior issues and meet the criteria for Medicaid eligibility.

Crisis Services 

Crisis Stabilization Programs provide prompt and accessible interventions on a least-restrictive basis to adults and children who meet the criteria for emergent or urgent behavioral health needs.  Crisis focuses on stabilizing the client and restoring him/her to pre-crisis or improved levels of functioning while remaining in the local community, whenever possible.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

ACT is an intensive form of services delivery for adults with SMI who have needs that have not been met well with traditional services.  ACT is a team-based approach to delivering comprehensive and flexible treatment, support, and services.  The ACT Team shares one case load and each team member has regular contact with the clients.  The goal of ACT is to provide frequent, often times daily, contact with clients to assist them in living independently, outside of a personal care home or psychiatric hospital, while achieving and maintaining stability and avoiding hospitalizations.

Peer Support Services

Peer Support Specialists are individuals who have had significant, life-altering experiences in areas such as behavioral health, substance use, domestic abuse, etc.  Because of their life experiences and being in recovery, Peer Support Specialists have expertise to help their peers gain hope and move forward in their own recovery.

SMI Supported Employment

SMI Supported Employment is available to adult clients identified with a severe mental illness. This service assists individuals in finding and maintaining meaningful employment in their communities. For additional information or to apply for SMI Supported Employment, please contact the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation by calling 270-886-5163 Ext 2282.