Substance Use Services

Substance Use services are available to individuals who are experiencing difficulties with alcohol, drug and/or other substances.  A Pennyroyal Center Substance Use Therapist will complete an assessment specific to determine the appropriate level of treatment which can include individual, group, intensive outpatient, and/or residential services.  Pennyroyal Center also provides various court ordered services for DUI, drug court and other court ordered services.

MAT Clinic (Medication Assisted Treatment)

The program consists of short term intensive outpatient medication assisted treatment.  Treatment is provided in three phases consisting of individual therapy, group therapy, case management and medication management.  Individuals are required to attend recommended treatment with the long-term goal to change addictive behaviors and sustain recovery without medication assistance.  Following completion, clients will be linked to behavioral health and community based supportive services to assist in promoting the client’s long term recovery.

DUI Program

DUI Services are available for any person convicted of driving under the influence, DUI, in the State of Kentucky.  Completion of a Kentucky DUI assessment by Certified DUI Program Administrator is required to determine appropriate level of care.  DUI services include group treatment services primarily for multi-offenders along with Prime for Life, an educational group specific for first time offenders.  Services for persons with a DUI under 21 conviction are also available through Zero Tolerance treatment services.


Genesis is a 16 bed residential facility providing services for co-occurring disorders (both substance use and behavioral health).  An array of services are provided to help clients on their road to recovery.  The length of stay depends on individual need and progress made during treatment. View more information on the Genesis program.