testimonialsRead what our clients have to say about the amazing work the Pennyroyal Center does for the people we serve!

“We’ve been with the Pennyroyal Center Family for almost 29 years. We stepped into the Family when my daughter with Down Syndrome, Brittney, was 2 weeks old.  We were immediately met with caring, supportive, trained individuals who not only started teaching Brittney, but me also. Through every stage of her development, the Center folks have been there for us and with us.  I remember watching her learn to color and count. Moving on into school, we had a loving Respite provider who is with us to this day. Graduating from High School, wondering where the LORD would put Brittney next, she was placed at Trace Industries.   The staff there have brought her so patiently from the point of “I not have time to work” to now being excited to see her friends and serve on the cleaning team. She recently started working  at Zig-Zag Bouncers, thanks to her Job Coach and Team. I look forward to many more years together with our Center Family. I truly do not know where we would be without the Center, in our past, present and future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” -Leslie Carroll, Hopkinsville