The Pennyroyal Center Board of Directors is responsible for administrative policy and for the regulation of the general operations of the Center.  The Board is comprised of a maximum of 27 members, all of whom reside in the eight Western Kentucky counties (Caldwell, Christian, Crittenden, Hopkins, Lyon, Muhlenberg, Todd, and Trigg) served by the Pennyroyal Center.  Representation on the Board is apportioned according to the county population, and membership is not restricted on any discriminatory basis such as race, gender, or national origin.

The Pennyroyal Center Board of Directors serve without compensation and give freely of their time on the second Thursday of each month.

Current Board Members


  • Bonnie Lynch – Board Chair
  • John Rufli – Vice-Chair
  • Linda Browder – Secretary
  • Billy Duvall – Treasurer

Board Members

Christian County

  • Linda L. Browder
  • Billy Duvall
  • Arnold (Blaine) Lynch Jr.
  • Bonnie Lynch
  • Matthew Kem
  • Deirdra Taylor
  • Wynn Radford III
  • Hollis White III

Crittenden County

  • Lynann L. Woodall

Hopkins County

  • Tracy Littlehale
  • Duncan Taylor

Lyon County

  • Patricia Young
  • Todd County
  • Anne Stahl
  • Todd Mansfield

Todd County

  • Anne Stahl
  • Todd Mansfield

Trigg County

  • John Rufli