Who is it for?

People living in Adult Foster Care (AFC) homes are men and women, 18 years of age and older, with a Developmental or Intellectual Disability, who need support with daily living. These living arrangements may include AFC Providers who are single, couples, and families with children. The provider must be over the age of 21 and meet the qualifications and criteria established for providers of adult foster care.

What is Adult Foster Care?

AFC providers offer a family-centered living situation in their home with individualized supports, including personal care, relationship building, and assistance with medications. AFC provides people with  community living support, which includes the activities of daily life: family, friends, recreational opportunities, and the privacy and comfort of a home setting.

Criteria and Trainings

Prior to placement in an adult foster home, Pennyroyal will be responsible for ensuring a home assessment is completed to determine if AFC is appropriate for the individual. Caregivers must complete the Pennyroyal orientation and complete all training designed for the Supports for Community Living waiver. The AFC provider will receive 24/7 on-call support while helping someone in need by giving them a loving home. You can earn $2,800 a month and up to $500 in room and board.

Anyone living in the applicant’s home must not have a felony conviction in their background.

Contact Information

Contact Sha Satterfield 270-886-2205, ext.4160
or psatterfield@pennyroyalcenter.org

So much more than a valuable career opportunity

  • Give someone a loving home
  • Enjoy the flexibility of working from home
  • Receive an exceptional compensation package
  • Access to 24/7 on-call supports
  • Earn up to $2,800 per month tax free, plus $500 more for Room and Board
  • Get your own support team
  • Earn 20+ paid respite days
  • No-interest loans offered for home modifications

Need More Info?

Contact Sha Satterfield 270-886-2205, ext.4160
or psatterfield@pennyroyalcenter.org